Sabtu, November 21, 2015

What have been promised

Above are three out of four promised items. Mid remedial is only for those who need it. The other two are mandatory. Assignments are to be submitted on Tuesday morning the latest. please use folio paper. The remedial for re-test will be launched a.s.a.p.

Kamis, Agustus 20, 2015

the very first kisis

1. anatomy of bones and cartilages 2. types of bones based on their shape 3. bones'and muscles conditions and diseases 4. characteristics of muscles 5. work of muscles

Chapter 2 Material

Guys, click on this link to get the ppt.

Kamis, Maret 06, 2014

Sistem Pernafasan untuk kelas 8

Barudax, silakan mengunduh lagu terbaru tentang sistem pernafasan berikut ini. semoga bermanfaat. klik aja di sini.