Senin, Februari 22, 2016

Circulatory System material reposted...

guys...i hereby repost chapter 5 material yaaa.. it's in pdf format.. just click here.

Laporan Penelitian Pitfall Trap untuk kelas 7

guys, kerjakan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Yang perlu kalian lakukan hanyalah melengkapi draft yang telah disediakan. draft dapat diunduh di sini (dalam format pages) atau yang ini (dalam format doc)

Jumat, Januari 29, 2016

Chapter 4 THT


1. Mention the name of respiratory organs in a correct order. (7)
2. Explain how gases can be exchanged in alveoli. What trigger the movement? (10)
3. Explain about the human’s lung capacity, the terms meaning and the average volume of
each. (15)
4. Explain what you know about these following diseases. (8)
a. Asthma
b. Bronchitis
c. Asphyxia
d. Tuberculosis
e. Cyanosis
f. Sinusitis
g. Emphysema
h. Lung cancer

- Due date : Friday,5 February 2016
- Hand written on folio/double folio sized writing pad(folio bergaris).
- No use of pencils allowed
- All the terms above are mandatory. later submission than the due date and/or different paper size could cause your THT become unaccepted.

Sabtu, November 21, 2015

What have been promised

Above are three out of four promised items. Mid remedial is only for those who need it. The other two are mandatory. Assignments are to be submitted on Tuesday morning the latest. please use folio paper. The remedial for re-test will be launched a.s.a.p.

Kamis, Agustus 20, 2015

the very first kisis

1. anatomy of bones and cartilages 2. types of bones based on their shape 3. bones'and muscles conditions and diseases 4. characteristics of muscles 5. work of muscles

Chapter 2 Material

Guys, click on this link to get the ppt.